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Published by University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Raspberries are an excellent small fruit to grow in the home garden. They have vigorous growth, are seldom injured by spring frost and produce high-quality fruit. The fruit is used for jams, jellies, pies and as a fresh fruit. Fresh raspberries are expensive in the marketplace and may be hard to find, making them an excellent small fruit to grow.
Raspberries can be divided into two types based on fruiting time and frequency. The summer bearing type produce fruit only once during the year in midsummer; whereas the everbearing or fall bearing types produce one light crop in summer and a heavier crop in the fall. Raspberries can further be divided according to color and growth habit.
Summer-bearing, red-fruited raspberries produce one large crop of fruit in the summer. They usually reproduce by root suckers, have an erect growth habit and therefore may produce a thick hedge after three or four years.

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