EC 128 Revised 1927

A. F. Thiel


Extension Circular 128 Revised discusses reducing stem-rust losses by barberry eradication. The average annual-loss of all small grains due to stem-rust in 13 principal grain-growing states of the Upper Mississippi Valley is estimated at slightly over $60,000,000 for the ten-year period, 1917-1926. The average loss in dollars from this source for Nebraska alone is estimated at over $2,900,000 annually for this period. One way to increase crop production is to reduce the great losses due to insect and fungous pests. Barberry eradication will eliminate all spore-material of stem-rust with gets its start from the barberry in the spring. It is believed that this will materially decrease or eliminate the recurring losses due to stem-rust epidemics. The results already obtained in many of the states of the barberry eradication area indicate that, in localities where barberries have been completely eradicated, stem-rust losses have been reduced.