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This NebGuide discusses the nutrition and management practices recommended for beef heifers during precalving, calving, and early lactation periods. Proper development of replacement heifers has a great influence on the success of calving and rebreeding them as two-year-olds. NebGuide G80-493, Developing Replacement Beef Heifers (Weaning-Breeding), points out that proper selection, adequate nutrition, and judgment in sire selection are all important management factors for developing heifers into high producing cows. With good management before breeding, a high percentage of heifers should be bred early in a short breeding season. Heifers should be pregnancy checked and the open ones culled. Thereafter, the biggest concern for bred heifers is to provide adequate nutrition for normal growth and development. Growth during the summer will depend primarily on pasture conditions, but during the winter it will be controlled mainly by the producer.