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Lincoln : University of Nebraska, Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska, 1915
Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska, Volume XXVII, Article IV
Bulletin # 147; (North Platte Substation Bulletin #16)
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Wintering old brood sows
Wintering young brood sows
Food cost of the 50-pound pig
Pigs from old sows
Pigs from young sows
Cost of fall and spring pigs compared
Cost of pigs from old sows and young sows compared
Cost of growing pigs on alfalfa pasture and grain
Shorts for pigs on alfalfa pasture
Soaked or dry corn for pigs on alfalfa pasture
Five summers' record on gilts
Corn and supplementary feeds for fattening hogs:
Winter of 1911-1912
Winter of 1913-1913
Wheat and rye compared with corn for fattening hogs with and without alfalfa hay
Corn and alfalfa conipared with corn, shorts, and alfalfa for growing and fattening hogs
Alfalfa tea and alfalfa tea grounds in a ration for wintering shoats
Summary of averages and annual financial statements

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