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The first of a series of three, this NebGuide defines and categorizes general livestock and dressed meat terms, and different market types and marketing systems.

Livestock producers and feeders, lenders, owners of agribusiness firms and many others involved with agriculture listen to livestock market news broadcasts almost every hour of every weekday. The market information helps them make daily marketing buy-and-sell decisions.

Recent surveys indicate that accurate market news information, with commodity price reporting, ranked first in livestock marketing data needs priority with livestock producers, growers and finishers. The volatility of livestock prices, as influenced by local, national and international market factors, will continue to be a major concern in the livestock industry.

Most people understand most of the terms used in the market news broadcasts and stories. But a complete understanding of terms should remove the possibility of a listener or reader misunderstanding what the market news article or broadcast is "saying" in the livestock market and futures market news report.