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This NebGuide provides poultry producers with information on how to market poultry directly to customers. It includes information on pricing, regulations, processing and relationship marketing.

The decision to market meat poultry requires a basic change in the way growers think about production. The question is no longer how many birds I can raise but how many I can sell at a reasonable profit.


Several factors must be considered in pricing. First, determine the average amount of profit you need from each bird. Second, know your average cost to produce each bird. Finally, discover prices charged by others who are producing a similar quality product in your general region.


In Nebraska, you can kill and process up to 20,000 chickens or 5,000 turkeys raised on your farm annually without Federal inspection. You can sell these directly to household customers, restaurants, hotels and boarding houses for use in their dining rooms or preparing meals for sale to customers.


If a substantial number of poultry is processed it is important to have appropriate slaughter and processing equipment.

Relationship Marketing

Your product should be different from that offered in most stores. Giving consumers a choice is part of the value of your product.