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This NebGuide describes strategies for providing good nutrition economically.

Are you spending more of your family budget on food these days? Want to find ways to make your food dollar go further yet provide enjoyable meals? One way is to educate family members in making wise decisions about menu planning, food buying and cooking.

A varied diet of colorful, wholesome foods that you and your family will eat and like is important. There is no need to leave out all favorite foods to cut costs. Use the best buying practices to get the type of food you need. If including favorite foods results in high cost meals, serve them in smaller portions or less frequently. Money can be saved by serving less costly meals on other days.

New taste experiences are needed, too. We live in a changing world. The family that experiments with new foods now can take advantage of best buys in the future. Plan to introduce new foods or recipes at meals when other familiar or favorite foods are also included.