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This guide describes the forest types found in Nebraska and lists acreages by ownerships.

Nebraska's forest resources are very diverse and represent a unique combination of eastern hardwood, western coniferous, and northern boreal forests. Species in Nebraska hardwood forests include bur oak, red oak, silver maple, green ash, cottonwood, black willow, hackberry, black walnut, American basswood, boxelder, American elm, honeylocust, hickories and mulberry. In addition, eastern redcedar (a conifer) is found throughout the eastern hardwood forests. Conifer forests primarily contain ponderosa pine and Rocky Mountain juniper. The boreal forests contain a mixture of several of the above species and paper birch. All three of these forest ecosystems converge in the Niobrara River valley, the only such occurrence in the nation.

The three main forest types of Nebraska are elm-ash-cottonwood, oak-hickory, and ponderosa pine.