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Snyder, W. P., W. W. Burr and E. A. Burnett. (1913) Growing Crops in Western Nebraska (Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska, Bulletin No. 135 - Volume 25, Article 5)


The following pages give the results of the principal crop experiments carried on at the North Platte Experiment Substation since it was established in 1903. This report does not contain the yields from many of the experiments in crop rotation and methods of tillage. The results of these experiments will be published after more years' records have been secured. For a fuller discussion of many of the problems touched in· this bulletin, we refer you to Bulletin 118, copies of which are still available.

We would suggest that the reader give this bulletin careful study rather than a hasty perusal. We have endeavored to make the bulletin as brief as possible. In doing this we have frequently left to the reader the finding of explanations, in the tables giving the climatic records in the latter part of the bulletin. 'fhe following illustration of this will indicate the value of careful study rather than a casual reading. The yields for 1911 are very low where given, but are often omitted in the tables because there was no crop harvested. Brevity would not permit giving the cause of the low yields in the text in each instance. But reference to the record of the precipitation and the record of evaporation will readily explain the cause of low yields in 1911.