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HardwareX 8 (2020)


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Relative humidity can affect physical, biological, and chemical changes in biological samples through modification of water activity and is also known to be important in the fabrication of sensitive electronic devices. The HumidOSH is a free, open source, and self-contained system for creating a controlled relative humidity environment within the range of 3 to 97% with a 0.2% tolerance. Each HumidOSH unit also comes with a fan with adjustable fan rotational speed to improve moisture uniformity inside the chamber. The system includes many additional features such as glove ports for manipulating samples, a sample door for transferring objects in and out of the system, ceiling lights for illuminat- ing the work area inside the chamber, and two-point calibration for the relative humidity sensor. While relative humidity and fan rotational speed readings are displayed in real- time on the built-in user-friendly interface, the readings can also be recorded through a USB connection to a laptop or computer and the optional computer program.

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