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Guha et al. Food Production, Processing and Nutrition (2021) 3:2


The Author(s). 2021


Milk from different species has been exploited for the isolation of various functional ingredients for decades. Irrespective of the source, milk is considered as a complete food, as it provides essential nutrients required by the human body. Proteins and their fractions are valuable sources of bioactive peptides that might exert a health beneficial role in the human body such as immune-modulation, antioxidant activity, ACE-inhibitory activity, anti- neoplastic, anti-microbial, etc. In milk, bioactive peptides may either be present in their natural form or released from their parental proteins due to enzymatic action. The increasing interest in bioactive peptides among researchers has lately augmented the exploration of minor dairy species such as sheep, goat, camel, mithun, mare, and donkey. Alternative to cow, milk from minor dairy species have also been proven to be healthier from infancy to older age owing to their higher digestibility and other nutritive components. Therefore, realizing the significance of milk from such species and incentivized interest towards the derivatization of bioactive peptides, the present review highlights the significant research achievements on bioactive peptides from milk and milk products of minor dairy species.

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