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Gonçalves, J.P.R.; Melo, A.D.B.; Yang, Q.; de Oliveira, M.J.K.; Marçal, D.A.; Ortiz, M.T.; Righetti Arnaut, P.; França, I.; Alves da Cunha Valini, G.; Silva, C.A.; et al. Increased Dietary Trp, Thr, and Met Supplementation Improves Performance, Health, and Protein Metabolism ofWeaned Piglets under Mixed Management and Poor Housing Conditions. Animals 2024, 14, 1143. ani14081143


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A sanitary challenge was carried out to induce suboptimal herd health while investigating the effect of amino acids supplementation on piglet responses. Weaned piglets of high sanitary status (6.33 ± 0.91 kg of BW) were distributed in a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement into two similar facilities with contrasting sanitary conditions and two different diets. Our results suggest that increased Trp, Thr, and Met dietary supplementation could support the immune systems of piglets under a sanitary challenge. In this manner, AA+ supplementation improved the performance and metabolism of piglets under mixed management and poor sanitary conditions. No major temporal microbiome changes were associated with differences in performance regardless of sanitary conditions or diets. Since piglets often become mixed in multiple-site production systems and facility hygiene is also often neglected, this study suggests that increased Trp, Thr, and Met (AA+) dietary supplementation could contribute to mitigating the side effects of these harmful risk factors in modern pig farms.

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