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Published in SCIENCE, New Series, Vol. 23, No. 577. (Jan. 19, 1906), pp. 114-115.


The season of 1905 marked a renewal of paleontological activity in the University of Nebraska, since it so happened that for the first time in several years funds became available again for the prosecution of such work.
By virtue of the liberal support and patronage of Hon. Charles H. Morrill, of Lincoln, annual geological expeditions, essentially paleontological in character, had been maintained in connection with the state university since 1892. In 1901, though his interest in the work AS well as his good will continued, his patronage ceased. This was wholly due to the overcrowded condition of the state museum, coupled with unusual fire risks, which plainly endangered public and private collections. In the meantime the work of making general collections has been pushed by the state survey, but the special work conducted by the annual Morrill geological expeditions was necessarily of a desultory order, the expenses Being met by the sale of duplicate specimens.