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Published in J Solution Chem (2006) 35:1699–1730.


This study measures the osmotic coefficients of {xH2SO4 +(1−x)Fe2 (SO4)3}(aq) solutions at 298.15 and 323.15 K that have ionic strengths as great as 19.3 mol•kg-1, using the isopiestic method. Experiments utilized both aqueous NaCl and H2SO4 as reference solutions. Equilibrium values of the osmotic coefficient obtained using the two different reference solutions were in satisfactory internal agreement. The solutions follow generally the Zdanovskii empirical linear relationship and yield values of aw for the Fe2 (SO4)3–H2O binary system at 298.15 K that are in good agreement with recent work and are consistent with other M2 (SO4)3–H2O binary systems.