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The George Eliot Review 21 (1990)


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It hardly seems possible that ten years have passed since the memorial stone was laid in Westminster Abbey. For the George Eliot Fellowship the stone-laying was an end, the accomplishment of something worked for for many years. For me it was a beginning, as it marked my introduction to the Fellowship, a happy meeting which I have had much cause to be pleased about ever since. For me the Fellowship has provided new and lasting friendships, much information about and insights into George Eliot and her work, the same in respect to George Henry Lewes, the opportunity to listen to distinguished people addressing the Fellowship, opportunities to speak to, to read to and even to sing to the Fellowship myself, and even the chance to unveil a statue - not an event that comes the way of many people!

For all these experiences I am profoundly thankful, and I look forward to the next ten years of the Fellowship, and of fellowship, too, with eager expectation.