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John Letts

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The George Eliot Review 16 (1985)


Published by The George Eliot Review Online https://GeorgeEliotReview.org


Some four years have elapsed since my first brief encounter with Mary Ann Evans - or 'Ann' as I had called her at that time. I t had been a strange, emotional experience with moments of deep passion and quiet companionship. But, it was not to last. The affair ended as it began, with a suddenness that was, in itself, an awakening. One does not easily get over such an experience except, perhaps, by the passing of time. And time had passed.

It was a surprise, therefore. when I discovered that a few of her close 'friends', knowing of our fondness for each other, (it would seem that 'Ann' had conveyed her feelings on this matter to them) arranged that' Ann' and I should renew our acquaintance. I still do not know what careful planning went into this reunion.

The first sight of Ann brought back all the old feelings that I had taken so long trying to forget. I t was then the end of May, and I knew that Ann would be leaving me again in the following October.