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The George Eliot Review 16 (1985)


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The Statement of Accounts for 1984 is quite straightforward and little comment is needed. Although 'we had fewer members, with the result that income from subscriptions was less than in the previous year, we were much encouraged to receive donations of £96.47p. We are grateful to the Life Members who, having joined the Fellowship when subscriptions were low, have now made extra payments. We hope this is an indication of approval of what we are doing and we welcome their generous help.

Profits on most of our activities were satisfactory, especially on Gabriel Woolf's Readings, without which our finances would be much less healthy. Unfortunately, because of lack of support, the outing to the Francis Brett Young Country had to be cancelled and as we had already incurred expenses of £12;40p. a loss of this amount is shown on the statement. In 1983 we made profits of £52.85p. on outings: in 1984a loss of £12.40p., a difference of £65. 25p.

Postage rates continue to rise and though we are able to reduce some of our expenses, it is difficult to save on postage.