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The George Eliot Review 17 (1986)


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You wiII see from the Statement that our finances are healthy despite high expenses last year. The loss of almost £94 on the Annual Readings was both unexpected and disappointing. For years we have benefited financially from Gabriel Woolf's Readings and we welcome his wiIIingness to come again this year, when we hope to be able to show our appreciation of his continued support. We are fortunate to have many generous members, whose help has been invaluable. We had a bequest of £ 100 from the late Mrs. Reeve and donations of £260. 67p.

Dr. Ezell continues, at his own expense, to copy and send out newsletters to our American and Canadian members and we are grateful for all that he does for us.

We are also indebted to John Letts for his generous gift of George Eliot Miniature Statues.

We can congratulate ourselves on raising £8,000 for the George Eliot Statue, and by the date requested. When I made the final payment of £3,000 we had £6 I eft in the fund. It was decided that the account should not be closed and we now have £ 107. We hope that, in time, we shall be able to provide additional plaques for the plinth of the Statue.

I should Iike to apologise to any member who expected a receipt for a donation and did not get one. This was neither thoughtlessness nor lack of appreciation on my part. It was to ensure that alI the money received would go towards the Statue and not be used for any other purpose. Our postage costs are always high and last year was no exception. Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council helped us with postage of Statue correspondence as well as with typing and copying and we were very pleased to have their help.