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The George Eliot Review 18 (1987)


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Having very much enjoyed my three year spell as President of the Fellowship I was delighted and honoured to hear from Kathleen Adams that I had been re-elected. She allayed my suspicion that this was simply to avoid the expense of reprinting the letterheading, pointing out that Ann Reader had retired from the Treasurership so that change. was, in any event, inevitable. I would like to add my personal thanks to Ann for all her tireless work in keeping the Fellowship on a sound financial basis over a very long period, and at the same time wish her successor a long and happy time in the office of Treasurer.

The advantage of the Presidency of this Fellowship is that one's duties are light. One unveils a statue here, reads a passage from the works there and attends the occasional extremely pleasant lunch. Otherwise everything gets done - mainly by Kathleen, but, of course, with the active help and co-operation of the officers and Council. My thanks to them for all they do, and I would add to that thanks to the officers of the still young London branch who, although disappointed that the enthusiasm shown at the inaugural meeting in 1985 has not been maintained, are stiII trying to keep the branch afloat.