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The George Eliot Review 19 (1988) Published by The George Eliot Fellowship, http://georgeeliot.org/


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We are sad to report the death on February 23rd. of Dr. Ezell at his home in Vermont. He had been one of our most supportive and active members. In the early 1970's a literary lady wrote a somewhat patronising letter to the Times Literary Supplement about the Fellowship's efforts to raise funds for a memorial stone to George Eliot in Westminster Abbey. It was read in the United States by Dr. Ezell. He felt so strongly about the dismissive tone of the letter that he immediately became a life member of the Fellowship, enrolled some of his patients, appealed to them to add some dollars to his own generous donation to the appeal fund and, eventually, sent us over £400!

This enthusiasm and generosity became a prominent feature of Stiles' membership. He offered to photocopy the newsletter and post it four times a year to our American members and to collect their subscriptions. Despite our protests, he would not allow us to reimburse him for any of this. Whenever support was needed it came from Dr. Ezell in full measure, and, as a very inadequate token of our deep appreciation, we made him a Vice President of the Fellowship.