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February 1989


Conventional fencing methods V-mesh wire, square mesh wire and wood panels are compared to experimental methods - 15 wire hightensile wire fences; electric high-tensile wire fences of three designs; baited electric fences; hog panel fences; plastic mesh fences and visqueen wrapped haystacks. Total cost of materials, cost per ft./yr. and comments concerning estimates of efficacy are discussed. The V-mesh wire, hog panel and plastic mesh fences all have a very high cost per ft. and cost per ft./yr. rating and should probably not be used. High-tensile and square mesh wire fences are effective and cheaper alternatives. Modern high-tensile wire electric fences can be an effective alternatives in some situations. Results from tests using visqueen wrapped haystacks and baited electric fences are encouraging and more experimentation is needed. Wood panels should only be used as an emergency game damage prevention method.