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Spring 2011


Great Plains Research Vol. 21 No.1, 2011


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Drawing on over a decade of research, in combination with archival and published anthropological and historical literature, William C. Meadows provides a detailed ethnographic account of Kiowa military societies and their historical development. Employing a perspective spanning from the prereservation era to the present, Meadows describes each military society'S origins, structures, rituals, ceremonies, functions, and associated music, dances, songs, and material culture within the context of the Kiowa military society system. Beginning with Rabbits Society in the first chapter, he graphically portrays the Mountain Sheep Society, Horse Headdress Society, the Black Legs Society, Unafraid of Death or Skunkberry Society, Scout Dogs Society, the Bone Strikers, as well as the Omaha Society and Kiowa Women's Societies, devoting a chapter to each.