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Fall 2011


Great Plains Research Vol. 21, No. 2, 2011


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This collection of20 essays stems from a conference held at St. Johns College, University of Manitoba, in the fall of 2008, convened specifically to address what its organizers (now the book's editors) saw as the most glaring gaps in the coverage of "various aspects of Manitoba society, politics, government and contemporary policy issues." As with all such projects-especially when contributors come from several different fields-the contents are a bit uneven. Indeed, readers may feel somewhat whipsawed as they move from the smooth prose and deft touch of western Canada's leading historian, Gerry Friesen (who provides the first substantive chapter), to the more clipped tones of the political scientists, economists, senior policy advisers, and government mandarins who provide the vast majority of the volume's essays. Still, despite the inherent problems of such a collection, the editors have done a solid job of both grouping the essays into four more-or-Iess coherent sections and providing some much-needed connective tissue between the papers in their introduction.