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Fall 2011


Great Plains Research Vol. 21, No. 2, 2011


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Despite the relatively long legacy of professional archaeological research in the northern Great Plains, few comprehensive syntheses of the region's 13,000- year human history have been produced in recent years. This is particularly the case for the Canadian side of the region, which has tended to be overlooked in most scholarly summaries of Great Plains prehistory. The shadowy nature of the Canadian prairies to the wider community of Plains archaeologists is not due to a lack of archaeological research in the region-Alberta, alone, has over 35,000 registered sites-but instead reflects the poor dissemination ofCRM (Culture Resource Management) reports and other "grey" literature, where the bulk of archaeological information resides. By drawing extensively upon these unpublished sources, this book aims to provide a comprehensive synthesis and revision of the prehistoric record of, principally, southern Alberta.