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Spring 2012


Great Plains Research 22 (Spring 2012):27-33


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A rare species of nonbiting aquatic midge, Parochlus kiefferi (Garrett, 1925), was discovered in Squaw Creek in the Pine Ridge of northwest Nebraska. Parochlus is a genus of midge found throughout the Southern Hemisphere and is only represented by this one species in the Northern Hemisphere. The typical North American species distribution of P. kiefferi includes high alpine and northern latitude streams, so the collection of P. kiefferi from a low elevation and low-latitude stream in Nebraska represents a range extension for the species. A survey for P. kiefferi from 83 samples from 53 stream sites in northern Nebraska yielded only four specimens of P. kiefferi, indicating that this species has a limited distribution. The stream survey was combined with a review of historical data dating back to the 1980s for stream macroinvertebrates from Nebraska, and the results confirmed that P. kiefferi is a rare species in the state.