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Great Plains Research 22.1 (Spring 2012)


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Gathering Places honors Jennifer S.H. Brown, a leading figure in the Aboriginal history of the Hudson Bay drainage basin. The ten essays and introduction deal with Natives and Native history in the region of Hudson Bay, and there is the influence of Professor Brown; otherwise the topics are diverse. The papers have been grouped into several themes, but broadly speaking there are two types of essays. Some use novel as well as more traditional approaches to shed light on aspects of the Aboriginal experience; the others are methodological, dealing with the writing of First Nations histories.

In an afterword, Jennifer Brown describes her approach to Native history and offers advice to researchers. Although some essays deal with specific aspects of Anishinaabe, Cree, Ojibwe, and Metis history, the insights about the interactions between scholars and First Nations communities, and the variety of evidence available for the study of Aboriginal history, will be the principal legacies of this intriguing and useful volume.