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Fall 1998


Published in Great Plains Research Vol. 8, No. 2, 1998. Copyright © 1998 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Used by permission.


The "changing of the guard" at Great Plains Research brings a different perspective to the journal. With this change has come a shift in editorial emphasis that I hope will make GPR a new outlet for synthetic, multidisciplinary scientific research relevant to the plains. As the new Editor, my aim will be to increase the availability of important ecological, economic and social sciences research results with relevance to the understanding and management of the Great Plains.

This vast, ecologically rich and varied grassland region covers the whole interior of the North American continent, north from Texas to central Saskatchewan and east from the Rocky Mountains to the deciduous forest ecosystem, around 95°W longitude. Its topography and high productivity have allowed rapid and heavy exploitation, often in ignorance of the natural and social costs associated or how to mitigate them. Finding the relevant theoretical and practical scientific information needed to understand this region and to manage it intelligently is difficult at present. The relevant literature is diffuse and voluminous. This journal, with its focus on the region, can provide a way to concentrate relevant information and get it into the hands of the scientific community, the community leaders, and our public policy representatives.