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Spring 2001


Published in Great Plains Research 11:1 (Spring 2001). Copyright © 2001 Center for Great Plains Studies.


Bookstore shelves bulge with bird books: field guides, feeding and birdhouse books, guides to hot spots, and books about individual families and species. One gaping hole in the body of bird literature has been a book about one of our most common and beloved songbirds, the American Robin. Robins nest in backyards and on buildings throughout much of the US and Canada and are one of the most familiar birds on the continent. A good book about them could fill an important niche.

Roland H. Wauer's lean volume is a start. Chapters include an overview of the robin's popularity, robin statistics, the robin's biology, distribution, related birds, behavior, life history, enemies and threats, and a much-too-short chapter about attracting robins. Fourteen color photos illustrate interesting aspects of robin life.