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February 1992


Published in Great Plains Research 2:1 (February 1992), pp. 129-131. Copyright © 1992 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Used by permission.


An increase in the percentage of families involved in off-farm employment provided the intellectual fodder for a symposium on multiple jobholding among farm families held in May, 1988. Like other books that are the off-spring of conferences and symposia, the weaknesses of the symposium are replicated in the book unless the editors apply a heavy hand to ensure interrelatedness and quality of contributions. Unfortunately, evidence of this editorial hand is missing: the book is uneven and fails to demonstrate the interconnections between chapters. Yet, even with this caveat, there are several significant research/modeling contributions and review essays. The five sections, which contain the history and definition of, causes of, surveys of, labor supply of, and social policies of multiple job holding, are written for agricultural economists, and provide a current (up to 1988) overview of the theoretical and empirical work governing multiple job-holding by American Canadian farm families.