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Provided by the Heartland Center Leadership Development, Lincoln, Nebraska

Presenter: Connie Loden

Contributors: Sharon Gulick, and Norman Walzer

Presented to the World Community Development Conference, 2018 International Association of Community Developers, Kildare, Ireland, June 2018


Copyright 2018, the authors. Used by permission.


Community Change Initiative

• A Community Change Network was formed in 2010 to understand ways to help small communities bring about effective change. It incorporates past experiences of mainly university outreach programs with histories of successful outcomes plus a survey of thirty-five programs with documented outcomes.

• CCN held sessions in annual CDS and IACD Conferences in New Orleans, Louisiana, Boise, Idaho, Cincinnati, Ohio, Charleston, South Carolina, Dubuque, Iowa, and Glasgow, Scotland.

• Several special issues of Community Development, Journal of the Community Development Society and articles focused on innovative approaches to change and related topics. Edited volume in the Community Development Series

• The CCN has focused mainly on small cities in nonmetropolitan areas, but what has been learned can also be applied to large cities.

• National Rural Assembly in Washington, D. C. (9-15) Official Working Group designation

• Community Change Resource Bank developed

• Community Change Network chosen as CDS Fellows Working Group