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Southwest Nebraska Community Builders, May 1, 2012.

Created by Craig Schroeder, Heartland Center for Leadership Development, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2012.



2012 marks 20 years since Dr. Bob Manley brought Community Builder to Southwest Nebraska, as the region emerged from the devastation of the 1980's Ag Crisis. On May 1st, a group of former participants from communities through out the region came together to reflect on the impact Community Builders had on them personally, and on their communities and the region overall. Based upon this reflection it was unanimously determine that a new generation of emerging leaders would greatly benefit from Community Builders. The group then went through the process of evaluating what had been most valuable in the original program that should be retained, how the program can be improved, and how new opportunities and resources should be incorporated. The following are the priorities and opportunities identified, plus a proposed implementation outline.