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Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1976

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The Newsletter Committee has succeeded in documenting departmental activities in an outstanding manner. All of us in the department appreciate the wonderful efforts and many hours spent by the Newsletter Committee: Brett Ratcliffe, Ron Rivers, Bruce Monke, Tim Miller and particularly the leadership of Lyle Klostermeyer as Committee Chairman. The typing assistance of our secretarial staff is greatly appreciated. The many changes in personnel and programs that have taken place during the period since the 1968 publication of Departmental Newsletter No.3 are well covered in various sections of the newsletter. We also compliment the Committee on their choice of dedicating this issue to Roscoe Hill and Sally Schock, two people well known to all receiving the Newsletter. Thank you for your participation in responding to the Committee's questionnaire, and we look forward to all of you visiting the department. We particularly welcome you to visit the campus and the department during the April 23, 1977 meeting of the Central States Entomological Society under the leadership of Roscoe Hill, 1976-77 President. Looking ahead, we will also be hosting the 1980 meeting of the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America in Lincoln. Best wishes to all former associates of the department and we hope you enjoy Departmental Newsletter, No.4. --Elvia A. Dickason, Chairman (1970 - )

Plant Industry Fire: A phone calI in the early hours of Friday, August 22, 1975 was the start of a very traumatic and tiring experience for the occupants of the Plant Industry Bui Iding (PI) on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska.

Myron H. Swenk Memorial Fund

Lawrence Bruner Entomology Club

Occupation Outlook Symposium

Campus Changes Since the Last Newsletter

Entomology Museum

Field Trips

New Hallway Dispays


Department Chairmen: Lawrence Bruner 1888-1919, Myron H. Swenk 1919-1941, H. Douglas Tate 1941-1946, Ephriam Hixson 1946-1950, Roscoe E. Hill 1950-1966, Earle S. Raun 1966-1970

Some Nebraska Entomological History, compiled by Roscoe HiII

New Faculty Since 1968: Walter J. Gary, Thomas Holtzer, Z. B. Mayo, Leroy L. Peters, Brett C. Ratcliffe, John F. Witkowski

Faculty: Lloyd W. Andersen, Harold J. Ball, Jerold H.L. Bell, John B. Campbell, Arthur Hagen, Thomas J. Helms, David L. Keith, Dean Kindler, George R. Manglitz, Kenneth P. Pruess, Robert E. Roselle, Robert Staples

Support Personnel: Frank J. Basel James F. Brown, Terry Bruce, Terry Dukes, Marcia Fuhrer, Nina Jeffrey, Timothy P. Miller, Rosemarie Moats, Connie Policky, Jan Radenslaben, Henry Stevens, Paulina Su

Graduate Students: James Ballard, Gary Brewer, Don Carpino, Lyle E. Klostermeyer, Albert Lew, Bruce Monke, Jones Mueke, James P. Newton, Rebecca Rasmussen, Robert M. Roselle, Jack Shugart, Ronnie Rivers



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