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Petersen, Kelly, et al. Gallup B: Digitalization of the Coaching Experience. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2020.


Copyright Cooper Knaak, Kelly Petersen, Jake Piccini, Ann Pogrebitskiy, and Matthew Shanahan 2020.


Gallup presented the team with a problem and opportunity around the Gallup Strengths Coaching system. In general, strength coaches work with their clients to identify how to use and leverage their Gallup Strengths in their everyday lives. The goal of the Gallup B project was to make Strengths Coaching more accessible to the average Gallup client.

We built out the first part of creating a virtual coach. During our research, we discovered that the core differentiator of a successful coach is the ability to ask good questions that are catered to their clients. We decided to focus on this question asking process and build out a machine learning algorithm that predicts the best questions to ask a user based on their Gallup Strengths.