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Spring 4-27-2022

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Koval, N., Wegener, G., Hill, K., Petersen, H., & Arndt, K. 2022. Nelnet Consulting Project. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Natalia Koval, Grayson Wegener, Katelyn Hill, Heidi Petersen, & Kaylee Arndt 2022.


At the start of the semester in January 2022, my team and I began researching a prompt that was given to all of the Nebraska Business Honors Academy senior students by Nelnet, Inc. This consulting project involved researching potential future markets for Nelnet and forming strategic recommendations that we ultimately presented to a panel of Nelnet executives. The specific details of the research we conducted for Nelnet and the recommendations that we made to the executive team cannot be disclosed in this abstract due to the terms of a non-disclosure agreement we signed at the beginning of the semester.

Our project involved analyzing the markets of interest that Nelnet shared with us and exploring potential plans of action for the company that would leverage Nelnet’s existing core competencies. After deciding as a team which avenue we wanted to explore with our research, we conducted additional industry- and opportunity-specific analyses, using standard business strategy models such as SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces. Part of our research also included conducting student surveys so that we could create useable data for the Nelnet executives to take into consideration in congruence with our research. We also created financial projections based on the data we acquired through online research and data that was given to us by the Nelnet teams. The final output of the project was a written paper along with a 15-minute presentation followed by questions from the Nelnet executives, fellow classmates, and our professor.