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Higgins, C., Jarvis, T., Le, T., Markus, S., & Zugay. A. 2022. Nelnet Consulting Project. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Chloe Higgins, Taylor Jarvis, Tiana Le, Samantha Markus, & Ashley Zugay 2022.


We overview a business proposal from Nelnet and provide our strategic analysis of the company and its proposal. We create evaluation criteria to examine its proposal and determine if the proposal is feasible for the company. Based on our evaluation criteria of the Nelnet Serves mission, proactively seeking growth, long-term cash flows, and brand fit we determine that this proposal is not a good direction for Nelnet because there are no clear winners, and Nelnet will incur significant costs. We offer an alternative to Nelnet: To continue pursuing and investing in its Community Solar initiative to uphold its sustainability mission and see a long-term profit.