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Navarro, D. (2022). Usability Analysis Of A Learning Assistant Program Management Application. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Copyright Dan Navarro 2022.


Learning Assistant (LA) Programs are becoming a popular alternative to traditional Teaching Assistants in science and engineering courses. With each new program developed in various institutional departments, the number of student workers involved and the number of students they must assist is expected to increase. Higher demand for LA services necessitates some form of online management application. Over the course of the previous two years, the School of Computing at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) has been developing a new School of Computing Learning Assistant Program Management system.

The LA management system in development at UNL is a combined Student Information System and Student Management System. As the system serves students and faculty, it requires comprehensive user testing from all distinct perspectives. During the course of development, real-time feedback from current users has provided information to improve development priorities, identify bugs, and provide additional enhancements. Surveys of current users show us how the system is most often used and what users wish to see in new features.

This paper summarizes the improvements and enhancements made to the Learning Assistant Program Management Tool (LAProMT) based on user feedback. Different users were able to provide feedback at different stages of development. LAP leaders were able to provide feedback based on quality assurance testing prior to deployment, The general LA and student population provided input on the current system by responding to survey questionnaires.