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Tran, Keith, Anderson, Ian., Konnath, Erik, Tran, Danny, Burbach, Caleb. 2022. Nebraska School Activities Association: NSAAdministrator. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska Lincoln.


Copyright Keith Tran, Ian Anderson, Erik Konnath, Caleb Burbach, Danny Tran 2022.


The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) is the sanctioning body of high school athletics and activities in the state. With more than 300-member public and non-public schools, the NSAA maintains an extensive amount of data to aid in compliance with the rules adopted by its members. This project is Phase I of a multi-year relationship with Design Studio. NSAA is looking to develop multiple apps for its sanctioned activities. Our Design Studio team adopted a modern framework to create a dynamic and scalable platform for Athletic Directors, Coaches, and NSAA Staff to more easily utilize student eligibility to conduct interscholastic activities.

In 2004, NSAA began automating their systems on the internet. From those beginnings, the current system has grown to more than 600,000 lines of PHP code, hundreds of data tables, and millions of records over time. This project desires to bring all these items under control, making them more secure, creating a consistent look and feel, while maintaining or improving the operational procedures that currently exist. While creating this minimum viable product (MVP), we designed it in such a way that improvements, enhancements, and modifications can be made with a minimal amount of effort. We implemented with today’s best practices and an MVC framework.