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Hoyt, Brianna. Demonic. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2022


Copyright Brianna Hoyt 2022.


It is a YA, coming-of-age, villain-origin story about a girl named Ninianne who learns that she is a demon. Ninianne has to come to terms with the fact that she is not human, that she is capable of terrible deeds, and that she enjoys it. While this is all happening, both her family and friend group deteriorate, leaving her even more vulnerable. As the book progresses Ninianne grows as a person, but whether that is for the better or the worse is up to the reader.

In this book, I explore what it means to be a teenage girl who lives and thrives in a harsh environment. The main character is unlikable, but that is what makes her relatable to a teenage audience. My book delves into family trauma, and how that impacts a person, especially a young person. My book also deals with the ego and how that ego, whether it be big or small, can have a monumental impact on a person’s life.