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Castro, E. L. (2023, March). Examining the Effects of Domestic Violence: A Literature Review and Development of Domestic Violence Class Materials for Voices of Hope. Undergraduate Honor Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Copyright Eliuteria Castro 2023


Domestic violence is a prevalent issue within the United States. Its prevalence and occasional association with sexual assault led me to seek out a local organization, Voices of Hope, that helped this specific population of survivors. At this organization, I volunteered time to help survivors of domestic violence and cooperated with training staff to help update and redesign training PowerPoints. By volunteering and cooperating with Voices of Hope for at least four hours a week, I have been able to gain a better knowledge of domestic violence. Within the following explanation component, I relate specific domestic violence statistics, as well as describe the factors that go into the act of domestic violence. Research indicates there are a combination of factors that come together to create an environment of domestic violence. For instance, one needs to take into account Pence and colleagues’ power and control wheel theory as it relates to the behaviors and tactics of the batterer. Specifically, domestic violence tends to be cyclical. Additionally, research has explored the impact of abuse on victims/survivors. Data indicates victims/survivors are frequently blamed for violence perpetrated against them, and it can be hard for those who are outside of the situation to understand why the victim/survivor is choosing to stay with their batterer. But, each victim/survivor has their reasons for staying or leaving, and whatever their choice is has an impact on them, their lives, and the lives of the ones close to them. Domestic violence is a crime that does not discriminate and can have multiple victims/survivors. A thorough review of domestic violence literature provided me the foundation to expand and develop training materials for Voices of Hope, which are detailed at the end of this document.