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Spring 3-10-2023

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Michaelis, Thara E. The Iksigah: Fantasy, World Building, Dragons, Novel Writing. 2023. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Thara Michaelis 2023.


“The Iksigah: Fantasy World Building and Creative Writing” is the prologue and four chapters of a fantasy novel. It also includes world building, plot, and character notes working towards a complete novel and eventually a series of books. The intent of this project was to focus on the world building aspect of fantasy novel creation and explore techniques in scaffolding the worlds characters inhabit in an effort to deepen an understanding of the underlying mechanisms that form the settings of fantasy novels, affecting characters and plot in often significant but difficult to define ways. To this end, throughout the course of this project, the world of the Iksigah was explored through an examination of physical and political landscapes, rules of nature and magic, cultures, historical figures and events, and the creation or redefining of fantastical creatures. This understanding was then applied to the writing of the prologue and chapters.