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Molskness, Hannah. Examination and Reflection of the Math Education Program. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 2023.


Project and research were completed in collaboration with Keegan Oldani and Evan Eriksen, but reflections were written individually.

Copyright Hannah Molskness 2023.


The goal of the research was to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the mathematics education program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Through a questionnaire and interviews, data was gathered that provided insight into the experiences of those who are currently in the program and those who graduated from the program. Results of this research led to the creation of a math education registered student organization called PEMDAS (Pre-Professional Educators of Mathematics Doing Awesome Stuff). This club aims to build a community and support future math educators in ways that only math courses cannot. Members will benefit from the club by receiving networking opportunities, getting a broader sense of purpose, and receiving access to a community of semi-like-minded individuals. The formation of this club will hopefully minimize the weaknesses of the math education program.