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Chapin, D., Futterman, S., Koranda, C., Murphy, P., Reeser, B. & Seper, L. 2022. Bonus Capture. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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The Hudl Bonus Capture project is a Raikes Design Studio project sponsored by Hudl. The Bonus Capture app was created in order to allow student athletes the ability to record themselves performing drills which can help them create an athletic video resume to help them take college recruitment into their own hands. The product consists of a mobile app that allows for in-app video recording and storage of designated drills along with information on how to perform the drills correctly. The problem the Hudl Bonus Capture app aims to solve is the amount of student athletes who go under-recruited and would like a way to present their skills to recruiters easily with a mobile phone. The app is also designed to reach a wider array of sports than Hudl typically focuses on because of the nature of the app being user-focused. The Design Studio team this year set out to solve this problem for Hudl. Development was done in React Native and Typescript, and also used Hudl’s style guides and component libraries. Over the two semesters of development for the Design Studio project, the team was able to deliver a functional minimum viable product to the Hudl team.