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Spring 3-2023

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Shema, Y. 2023. From Concept to Reality: Designing Muco- The Silverback Edition, A Party Game that Promotes Wildlife Conservation. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Copyright Yahya Shema 2023.


The Muco Game - Silverback Edition is a party card game that is not only entertaining but also serves as an educational tool to promote awareness of endangered species and celebrate the culture and history of Rwanda. The game's focus is to foster empathy for the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda while advocating for their conservation. This paper provides an in-depth look into the game's business model and design process, emphasizing the importance of having a clear mission from the start. The paper documents the step-by-step process of creating a game that achieves its goal of entertaining and engaging players while promoting awareness for endangered species. The design approach included developing a game that encourages players to learn about the mountain gorillas and their habitats while having fun. The game mechanics and design incorporate aspects of Rwandan culture and history, immersing players in an engaging experience. The Muco Game - Silverback Edition has the potential to inspire positive change beyond the realm of gameplay. By promoting empathy, cultural diversity, and conservation awareness, the game could have a lasting impact on its players and society. the Muco Game - Silverback Edition is a unique and engaging educational party card game that not only provides entertainment but also promotes awareness for endangered species and celebrates cultural diversity. The game's mission-driven design process showcases the value of having a clear purpose from the outset. The game has the potential to inspire positive change, making it a valuable tool for educators, conservationists, and game enthusiasts alike.