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Krueger, A., Lohrman, B., Brar, A., and Vajjala, M. 2023. Talent Marketplace. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Copyright Anna Krueger, Benjamin Lohrman, Arnaaz Brar, and Mitra Vajjala 2023.


The Center for People is a nonprofit organization that works to provide services and programs to the low-income that address their basic needs and help them achieve economic independence. One such program connects participants with work training and potential employment opportunities. Previously, the Center for People had no platform to connect their trainees and employers.

To combat this problem, the Design Studio team has created a “reverse job fair” web application that allows businesses to search for qualified participants that have been through training at the Center for People. Center for People Administrators can invite both employers and participants to the system, where they can create profile pages. For employers, their page has an “about” section, a profile picture, and information on which job types they are currently hiring. Participant profiles include an “about” section, a list of soft skills, jobs of interest, and their previous job experience.

Employers can find potential employees on their discover page, where they can filter employees by the job types they prefer, as well as their soft skills. From the discover page, they can navigate to participant profile pages, and send participants an email through the system to let the participant know they are interested in them for an employment opportunity. The employer can then navigate back to their discover page to see the list of participants they have shown interest in. Participants can then see that the company has reached out to them on their home page. As a result of the platform, employers can now connect with Center for People participants with ease.