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Niyonshuti, D., McGuire, D., Chen, J., & Krishnappan, H. (2023). Project ZeroDelta (Undergraduate Honors Thesis). University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Damien Niyonshuti, Devin McGuire, Jessica Chen, Harish Krishnappan 2023


Olsson is a top 100 Engineering Firm headquartered in Lincoln, NE. Olsson serves some of the region and nation’s most sophisticated clients in their facility planning, design and construction. While 3D modeling is extensively utilized for design and planning, its effectiveness diminishes during construction due to challenges in timely and accurate updates. The aim of this project was to develop software tools that automate the comparison between virtual 3D models and on-site LiDAR scans.

Project ZeroDelta represents an innovative solution that combines data categorization, computer vision, and graphics engineering techniques to automate the detection of differences between 3D models and point clouds. The application features a reliable input system for integrating spatial data accurately, along with feature-rich algorithms for efficient comparison of point clouds with geometry and the generation of precise 3D models. The user-friendly interface allows for seamless input and retrieval of desired outputs, streamlining the identification of disparities between 3D models and real-world scans. Project ZeroDelta introduces a transformative approach to construction planning and design.