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Spring 3-8-2019


Backemeyer, Brenna. My Pop-Up Shoppe. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. May 2019.


Copyright Brenna Backemeyer 2019.


My Pop-Up Shoppe is a curriculum to teach students problem-solving and independent learning through running a small business. Everything needed to facilitate a My Pop-Up Shoppe experience where students will take part in a hands-on, real-life entrepreneurial journey is included. During My Pop-Up Shoppe, students will receive a product provided by the facilitator, school or organization and be challenged to turn the product into a running business with real sales and customers. The facilitator will empower students to be startup founders. The suggested timeline of My Pop-Up Shoppe is anywhere from a weekend to two-weeks.

The curriculum package gives instructions to set up a product and the E-commerce website. It also provides the facilitator a guide which includes workshops, presentations, and videos to guide students through the experience. The organization will have to purchase the product first and then be reimbursed after the students actually sell the product. My Pop-Up Shoppe is based on a philosophy of independent learning through the entrepreneurial mindset. Students will struggle, be uncomfortable, and have to manage themselves along with their business.

National Standards for Entrepreneurship Education Met:

Entrepreneurial Skills - (1) Entrepreneurial Processes (2) Entrepreneurial Traits/Behaviors

Ready Skills - (1) Business Foundations (2) Communications and Interpersonal Skills (3) Digital Skills (4) Economics

Business Functions - (1) Marketing Management (2) Product/Service Creation