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Spring 2020


Buehler, Morgan & John Maag. 2020. "Reference Guide on Reinforcement in the Classroom." Honors Undergraduate Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Morgan Buehler and John Maag 2020.


My initial research question was “how can I make information about appropriate reinforcement techniques easily available to elementary educators?” Upon beginning this endeavor, I realized the most efficient way to do so would be to condense a variety of information on this topic into an easy to read access guide. This brochure contains information educators can reference when trying to analyze behavior, create classroom environments or build individual or group behavior plans/goals. It was written with the purpose that anyone in the education world could have quick and easy access to valuable information without having to search through a textbook or throughout the internet. All information is backed up by John Maag's research that is presented in his textbook, "Behavior Management." While this brochure is a simple overview of many ideas, it provides specific examples and can also help guide educators in the best direction for their particular student or classroom.