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Ruwe, T. 2020. Loup Public Power District Fishing Pier & Parking Lot. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Tyler Ruwe 2020.


This project was performed in fulfillment of the Civil Engineering Senior Design class (CIVE 489H). The goal of this project was to design an ADA compliant fishing pier and parking lot for the Loup Public Power District in Columbus, Nebraska. The fishing pier and parking lot will be located near the northeast corner of Lake North. A four-member team was formed to delegate the workload to accomplish this design project. I, Tyler Ruwe, served as the team’s project manager and structural engineering lead. Other disciplines of this design project included work involved in geotechnical, water resources, environmental, and transportation engineering. While I focused on the structural aspects of this project, I also aided in some of the other disciplines, which were led by the other members of the team.

We began this project by reaching out to the engineering division of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The NGPC provided multiple plans which were useful in researching possible designs for a fishing pier. Data such as, soil boring logs, were provided by the client. Any other information was found through research of online articles, databases, organization websites, or personal communication. Our team was able to provide a fishing pier and parking lot design within the requested budget of $45,000 ± $10,000. We also provided the design and location of new light post and grading of the parking lot and any walkways. This report will only show the work performed by one member, Tyler Ruwe.