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Spring 3-12-2018


Tack, Christine M., Stoltenberg, Scott F., (2018) Enjoyment of Sexualization is Associated with Alcohol Use, Self-Objectification is not (honor’s thesis). University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Copyright Christine Tack 2018


The main purpose of this study was to determine how the enjoyment of sexualization impacts the relationship between self-objectification and alcohol use. Alcohol use is prevalent within college communities and may lead to damaging experiences. Participants were 892 undergraduate women who completed an online questionnaire including measurements of self-objectification, enjoyment of sexualization, as well as an alcohol survey. A general linear model was used to analyze these relationships and interactions. Data analysis showed that while enjoyment of sexualization was associated positively with alcohol use, self-objectification was not, and there was no significant interaction between the two variables. This provides evidence that enjoyment of sexualization is a more significant potential risk factor for drinking behavior than self-objectification. This understanding may lead to the reduction of alcohol consumption risk factors in women through therapies aimed at decreasing enjoyment of sexualization.

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