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Spring 2023


Jason Wendling, "Die Deutsche Nationalversammlung und Weimar: On the Creation of Democracy in Weimar Germany." Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Jason Wendling 2023.


This paper is a historical analysis of the creation of the Weimar Republic, as well as a political analysis of the Weimar Republic’s constitution. In reviewing both Weimar’s history as well as the constitution, I hope to inspire learners to look back to the Weimar Republic, and not focus primarily on the failures that led to the rise of the Nazi Regime, but rather celebrate the successes that the drafters of the constitution were able to achieve. I review the history of the 1918 November Revolution, the history and party programs of the three important parties of the Weimar Republic, the process of the drafting of the Weimar Constitution, as well as analyze the constitution. It is important to review the Weimar Republic because many provisions in the constitution are basic tenants for modern democratic countries, and so it is important to not only recognize the failures of the Weimar Republic, but also the successes in expanding liberty to the German people.